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Are you ready to reclaim your Power?

Are you ready to regain your Health and Happiness?

You know it’s your time but you’re busy with work, family life and trying to balance a home and career. You know you need to look after yourself but you don’t have the time or the energy.

Hi, I’m Judy Newbery and I believe that as women, we tend to prioritise everyone else’s needs before our own.

It’s often not until we become exhausted, ill or burn’t out that we start to pay attention to our body. However if we learn to listen to our body, reduce stress and fatigue in our lives and put strong boundaries in place around our self care, we are much better able to serve ourselves and others.

Sole Vitality specialises in Stress and Adrenal Fatigue using Facial Reflexology and a holistic approach to your healing.

Facial Reflexology (Sorensensistem) is a unique type of Reflexology. It is a Neuro-Reflex therapy, which means it works specifically on the Brain and Central Nervous System.

Facial Reflexology works on a very deep and profound level, is extremely relaxing and helps to balance all body systems.

Learning strategies to help you establish healthy boundaries will empower you to listen to the needs of your body and take action before you become exhausted or burnt out.

If you are constantly in a state of stress or are so fatigued that your quality of life is affected, then Reflexology and guidance can help you.  Any change requires commitment but if you are fed up with feeling unwell and want to regain your health and vitality, then give me a ring, experience the benefits of Facial and Foot Reflexology and learn strategies around self care.

Helping women to prioritise their Self Care, establish Healthy Boundaries and reduce Stress.

Hi I’m Judy Newbery and I believe that as women, we tend to prioritise everyone else’s needs before our own.  I’m passionate about changing this and empowering ALL women to learn to put themselves first. I specialise in Facial Reflexology as I have found it works on a very deep therapeutic level to identify the cause of health imbalances and thus stimulate healing within the body.”

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Judy’s treatments are designed to aid the body in its’ recovery from various ailments. She is a professional practitioner with a high degree of knowledge and she delivers these treatments with care and empathy. The treatments I have received have helped me to understand the complexities of the body’s responses to various situations, and they have assisted in managing a long-term condition. My fortnightly visits to Judy are many things – relaxing, therapeutic, joyful and eagerly anticipated – a delightful respite from the daily routines.

Having a reflexology session with Judy is sheer bliss. Judy’s kindness and caring manner make me feel very special and she always puts in the extra effort to make my ailments go away. Apart from being totally relaxed after a session, I feel that the treatment has a positive effect on my whole body – bringing it back into balance and taking the ‘edge’ off specific problems. Both my son and my husband have regular monthly treatments with Judy – a credit to Judy since my husband is very sceptical of alternative treatments.

I would highly recommend Judy to my friends as she is highly professional in her approach and very easy to talk to. Her treatments have been very helpful in treating my back problems and give results of ongoing benefits. She strives to keep up- to-date with the latest treatments and goes to great lengths to make sure your session is uninterrupted and relaxing.

Before Reflexology, I was generally run down and had regular minor colds. Reflexology had helped me in two ways. At the time it’s a lovely relaxing episode where you can meditate and relax or chat about issues, while enjoying a gentle massage of your feet. Afterwards, I always feel relaxed and un-stressed, and I’m sure I experience fewer colds and generally, my wellbeing has improved. Judy is very caring and interested in what’s happening in her clients’ lives. Her treatments are an enjoyable hour or so of relaxation and pampering, which also helps health and wellbeing at the same time.

Judy is a very nice person. She is kind and caring. She makes me so relaxed that I go to sleep during the treatment. I feel healthier because of it.

Before commencing Reflexology with Judy, I was feeling unhealthy and unhappy. Since then I have joined a gym and lost weight and have become fitter and more energetic. Judy’s treatments are an oasis of peace and relaxation. You can switch off from everything else for an hour or so.

I have found Judy to be extremely professional with her treatments. She certainly knows her industry. She practises in a very relaxing and comfortable environment. Her treatments help me to relax and understand my body. She is a very approachable and caring lady.

Judy’s treatments work on your whole body, on many levels. You feel lighter and less stressed and you can feel it working throughout your whole body. The hour helps you to switch off and take some time out for yourself and although it’s hard to describe, afterwards you feel so much better. Judy makes you feel comfortable and explains how Reflexology works and all its’ benefits. If you’re feeling tired and stressed, you really look forward to a treatment knowing it will make your whole body feel better and more relaxed.

A few years ago, I had been suffering acute shoulder pain for several months. Despite other ongoing health issues, including Type I Diabetes, low immunity causing frequent colds and infections as well as tightness all through my neck, shoulders and lower back, getting rid of the shoulder pain was the focus at that time! I was trying to keep active and do lots of stretching. In addition I had attended physiotherapy and osteopathy sessions as well as remedial massage therapy. Usually these appointments provided some relief but the pain would return the next day on waking. One day the local gym I was attending was holding an information day about Reflexology and Judy was the presenter. We all got a few minutes of treatment each and I decided that I would attend a session for the relaxation benefits. Two days after that first appointment I realised I had not experienced any shoulder pain at all and have had no problems to this day. I continued on with fortnightly – monthly sessions depending on my schedule and after a year had gone by I realised that I had not suffered a single cold that year. Attending reflexology sessions with Judy has provided me with a very relaxing way of looking after myself and improving health. She is most passionate about helping others through her practice and I really appreciate the many ways she has helped me to date. I would certainly recommend her practice to anyone who is looking for a very pleasant and enjoyable way of improving their health or simply for a relaxation session.