Reflexology – Initial consultation. 1 hour 30 minutes $160

A medical history/health questionnaire is completed and discussed to determine the best treatment for you. A foot bath is given with soothing aromatherapy oils, a vitalising foot scrub and a softening foot cream. This is followed by a full treatment on the face with a shorter time on the feet. A combination of both provides the ultimate treatment for your health.

Reflexology – Subsequent consultation. I hour $120

After the initial consultation, a treatment plan will be designed specifically to meet your health needs. Face and feet will be treated at each session.

Aromatherapy Foot Bath $30

This may be added to each treatment as desired. It involves a foot bath of soothing aromatherapy oils, a vitalising foot scrub and a softening foot cream.

Wellness Package $440.  4 x 1 hour Reflexology treatments (normally $480)

After the initial Reflexology consultation, to get the best results for your health, weekly follow up treatments are recommended. This package is for new clients and helps to boost your health and healing.



Facial Lifting Reflexology – Initial consultation  1 hour 15 minutes $140

Japanese Cosmo Facelifting is based on Facial Reflexology but works on a different level to naturally lift the muscles of the face and diminish wrinkles. It rejuvenates the face and improves muscle tone and works on the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. The face feels lovely and soft and underlying organs are also treated and balanced. It is truly a divine and relaxing therapy.

Facial Lifting Reflexology – Subsequent consultation  1 hour $120

A treatment plan is designed to specifically meet your concerns and these areas are especially targeted.  Twice to three times weekly treatments are recommended for ultimate results but great results can still be achieved on a weekly basis. A total of 12 treatments are recommended.

Beautifying Health Package  $550 (normally $600)

5 x 1 hour Japanese Cosmo Facelifting treatments to start rejuvenating your skin. Muscle tone is improved, fine lines and wrinkles are decreased and lymphatic drainage helps eliminate toxins. As the treatment is quite deep, it also helps balance any underlying health issues. 12 treatments are recommended for best results. A  pure, natural Roseship oil is used on the face.