Adrenal Fatigue

adrenalglandThe adrenal glands are known as ‘the glands of stress’ and as mentioned earlier, help our body cope with stress and survive. Our energy, resilience and our very life depend on their proper functioning. How well you live will depend on how well your adrenal glands are working!

Adrenal fatigue occurs when the adrenal glands no longer secrete the correct amount of hormones. This is usually due to some form of stress, which may be physical, emotional or psychological.

We all have stress in our lives. It may be work related, due to an unhappy relationship or a poor diet, a nasty infection or as a result of a major loss in our lives. After each stress the adrenal glands usually recover but if one episode of stress is followed by another and another and the stress becomes chronic, our adrenals don’t have a chance to recover.
Fatigue results.

A combined approach is needed to help the adrenal glands recover and Reflexology plays an important part in this.

It will help to relax you, relieve the stress and tension and will help balance your whole hormonal system.

Worry, fear, negative thinking and holding resentments will all place added burden on the adrenals.

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