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All Health begins in your Gut

All health begins in your Gut. You may think this is a bold statement but I believe it’s very true. We have been told countless times that ‘you are what you eat’, and it’s pretty obvious that if you eat lots of processed, sugary foods, you will gain weight, increase inflammation in your body and […]

first aid tools

Can Facial Reflexology be used as a First Aid tool?

If you asked me, can Facial Reflexology be used as a first aid tool, my answer would be, definitely! I’m not talking about a life or death situation, though there is a resuscitation point on the face, but I’m discussing those aches and pains that can disrupt our lives when they present. Knowing a few […]

New Year, hopes, dreams

How do you Welcome in a New Year?

How do you welcome in a New Year? Do you see it as just another day, do you celebrate quietly or do you party all night? We all have different ways of acknowledging the year that has passed and the new one just beginning. Last year was a very challenging year for so many of […]