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Do your Emotions affect your Health?

                We laugh, we cry, we’re angry, happy, sad, full of joy, sadness or excitement. We experience all or some of these emotions on a daily basis yet we often pay little attention to them or their effect on our health. Most of us have heard of the […]

Winter Wellness……………and Reflexology’s role in the Immune System.

               Crisp, frosty days with clear blue skies, the glow of open fires, the taste of warm nourishing soups, freezing mornings, ice on the windscreen, chilling winds, bare branches on tall elongated trees and damp rainy evenings are all descriptive of winter. It is a time of year that many […]

Six reasons why Reflexology beats a Massage?

  As a busy Facial Reflexologist, I make sure that self-care is an important part of my life. This includes regular facial reflexology treatments and also remedial massage. Both are beneficial and both work in different ways, but is one really better than the other? Obviously I am biased towards reflexology, but let me point out the […]