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Does it pay you to stay strong? ………….. If so, how?

Does it pay you to stay Strong? How does this help you? Growing up we are told that ‘big girls/boys don’t cry. Keep that stiff upper lip, don’t be a sook or a sissy.’ It’s acceptable to a point to show our emotions as children, but once we become adults, it is often considered a […]

How do you welcome a New Year?

Happy New Year to you all! How do You welcome a New Year? It’s the start of a New Year, a time of optimism and hope for the next 12 months ahead. Do you greet each year with a round of parties, a quiet night in or a ritual to greet a new dawn? Or […]

Happy Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas and another year has nearly passed. I am writing to you a little earlier as this time of year gets very busy. Christmas is a time of family and friends, a time of celebrating and a time of reflection. It can also be a time of loneliness for some and a time […]