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When the World is changing, can Reflexology help?

When the world is rapidly changing and life feels uncertain, can having a Reflexology treatment help? Can it actually make any difference? I believe so. Having regular Reflexology treatments won’t change world events, but it can change how you react to them. This year has seen unprecedented circumstances that have affected all of our lives. […]

What Lessons can you Learn?

What lessons can you learn from the past two months? As our lives have been turned upside down and we have had to change the way we work, live, socialise and go out, what lessons have you learned? Have you found that working from home is less stressful or that you miss the company of […]

Learning to Slow Down isn’t easy…… it?

Learning to slow down isn’t easy. Are you finding it hard too? It is so easy to be in that busy mode and always feel as if we have to be occupied doing something. A month or two ago, we would wear that badge with honour. If someone asked what we had been up to, […]