Welcome to a New Year

Welcome to a New Year.

It’s the start of a new year, a new decade and the promise of new things to come.

A new year always arrives with new opportunities and excitement for what might lie ahead over the next 12 months.

The start of this year however, has been marred by the destructive bushfires that have burnt and continue to burn across so much of Australia. Instead of making plans, so many of us are caught up with the sadness, grief and horror of lives lost, homes destroyed, huge areas of our country burned and the loss of such vast numbers of wildlife.

Each time I read a paper or watch the news, I cry tears of sadness. It’s very easy to feel helpless, angry and at a loss as to how we as individuals, can make a change and help out. It can all feel overwhelming and so distressing. Amongst the many tears I have shed I, too have asked how can I make a difference? Yes I can certainly donate to various charities, volunteer and send out prayers to all those affected, but what else can I do to bring about change?

I was contemplating these things as I went to water my garden on one of these hot and windy days. I noticed that a favourite plant of mine was looking very sad and dry with most of the leaves shrivelled up. I gave it a good water and gently stroked the leaves feeling how dry and parched they were. I wondered if they would ever recover.

The next day a few green tips were emerging and a few days later, although many of the old leaves had dropped off, there was an abundance of new growth and older, rejuvenated green leaves. I realised that nature always recovers. Yes she may need some help but the earth will regrow. Perhaps not as before but in another, sometimes better way.

I am still angry at our current leadership and failure of those in power to protect Mother Earth but rather than sending out resentment and frustration, I can use my voice and I can send out love and forgiveness instead.

Each one of us can make a difference. We have choices, we have our voices and we can take action. Last week a collective prayer for rain, took place around the world and yes, we did get rain.

The message here is that as humans we are so very powerful when we come together. We can be angry or frustrated or divisive, but when we work together to fight negativity, donate, volunteer, help out or support each other in some small way, the collective brings about change. Humanity as a whole, is incredibly powerful.

As I watched my precious plant recover, I realised that positive actions inspire hope. Mother Earth and her people will recover if we work together and hope and trust that we can make a change.

So as we enter this new year, I wish for every one of you, Hope, Trust and Love for the coming year.

Warmest wishes,

Judy xxxx

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