A New Year has arrived ……will this one be different?

Happy New Year to you all!

A new year has arrived along with the promise of so many possibilities. Will this one be different for you?

I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and some restful time with those you love.

To me, each new year heralds a little bit of magic. It is as yet uncharted, there are weeks and months ahead to discover and there is so much that can be achieved. Do you also feel the excitement that a new year presents?

As has become a habit of mine, I no longer make New Year resolutions.

Instead I choose a word that embodies how I would like the year to unfold. My word this year is Empowered! I would like to step into my own power and help others to do the same. By this, I mean, realise my potential and what I can achieve in my life and in my business. I would also love to help others do the same.

Why not choose a word for yourself? What do you want to do or achieve this year? Do you want more peace in your life, or for things to flow smoothly? Do you want more joy or excitement in your life? If so, use your ‘word’ as a guideline. When a situation presents or you go to take action, ask yourself, ‘Does this bring me peace or joy or excitement’ or whatever your word is. By doing this, you bring some alignment between your vision and the actions that you can take.

Is this year going to unfold as so many others have before it or is it going to be different? Are there things you want to achieve, or do you have dreams that you want to fulfill? If so, don’t just sit back and expect things to happen. Start taking steps to bring your dreams and desires into reality.

If you are unsure how to start, use your ‘word’ as a guideline. If your word is Joy, and you want to learn a new language, choose a course and language that brings you joy. You can also start with a vision board to gain clarity around your desires.

A vision board is a collection of images that depict what you would like to happen in your life for the coming year, such as great health, travel to Paris, a new job. Post images of these things onto a piece of cardboard or just print them out and place them in a prominent place. This will give you ideas around your desires.

Then start thinking about ways that you can achieve this such as ditch the sugar and unhealthy snacks, open a savings account, chat to a recruiter.

It’s great to have dreams, but it’s only when we start to take action in a way that is aligned with our values, that things start to happen.

So choose your word and set your goals. We have a whole new year ahead of us. Make this one different and Make it a happy and memorable one.

Warmest wishes,

Judy xxx