Less is More ……How to implement this in your Life!

Have you heard the term, Less is More? Let me explain.

I have recently returned from a conference on the Gold Coast where we discussed our attitudes around money, our boundaries and how this relates to our self worth and stepping up as women in our chosen industries.

Our host, the lovely Denise Duffield Thomas suggested we explore the concept of Less is More.

If you haven’t heard of this term before, you might be wondering what it actually means. In a nutshell, it means to stop overdelivering in every area of your life. It means to simplify things in your life so that they make your life easier and bring you more happiness. Less is More.

Let us look at some examples.

If you are always doing everything for your family, take a step back and have a look at how much effort this may be costing you. Can you ask for help, or get a family member to take over or share some of the chores? Can you and your partner take it in turns to do the cooking? Can you afford a cleaner or share the work with your family? Remember there is no written law that says You have to do everything. If you have children, ask them to do simple tasks such as putting their dirty clothes in the laundry or washing the dishes. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Remember, Less is More.

At work, can you simplify the submission you have put in or the work you are expected to complete? Can you ask your staff to help out? Can it be left until tomorrow? If it’s just you, put forward the required work but ask yourself if it’s really necessary to stay back, working late on a regular basis.

If you provide a service to customers, look at your boundaries around time. Respect your time and respect the time of your clients. Look at your boundaries in general. Are you clear about your expectations at work or at home? Are you doing things that no longer bring you pleasure? Simplify! Say no to the things in life that cause drama or wear you out. Learn to listen to your own needs. Say No to those who don’t respect you or your time or ask too much of you. You will not please everyone but we are not here to do that.

I believe we are here to be the best versions of ourselves, to live a life full of love, happiness and meaning. So start putting yourself and your needs first!

Let go of having to control everything. If a work colleague or your partner offers you help, don’t turn it down. It may not be done the way you would do it but does it really matter. If it saves you time and energy, it may be worth it. I used to control everything at home from paying the bills to doing the shopping, cooking and cleaning. As part of listening to my own body and my own needs, I started to slowly let go. It wasn’t easy but I learnt to ask for help. I also learnt to ignore the ‘dust’or the ‘wrong brands of food’ or the ‘stacking of the dishwasher’ that didn’t meet my high expectations. I learnt to Simplify and let it go.

Declutter what no longer serves you. This may be relationships where you let go of negativity and stress, or simply decluttering your home where we all accumulate excess belongings. Get rid of clothes you no longer wear, books you no longer read or items that have lost their shine or appeal for you. Don’t buy useless presents this Christmas. Think about your purchases and buy things that you know will bring joy. Also don’t go overboard on gift giving. Children don’t need 100 presents under the tree. Be with people you really like, use things that  give you pleasure, wear clothes that make you feel a million dollars.

Less is More!

This is because the Less you aim at perfection, the less you try too hard, the less you try and fit in to your day, the More you will gain in your health, relationships, energy and self worth. Give it a go. You may be surprised by the new energy and abundance that comes into your life.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. I truly value each and everyone of you and am very grateful for the trust you put into my treatments and care.

I look forward to working with you in a new and exciting year ahead as we grow towards more health, prioritising ourselves and enhancing the life we live.

Warmest wishes,

Judy xxx