Why I don’t make New Year Resolutions.

Fireworks with copy space

Fireworks with copy space

Happy New Year to all of my lovely clients and newsletter readers. I hope you had a peaceful Christmas and have a healthy, happy and successful year ahead.

The middle of January is already here and many of us may have made resolutions on New Year’s Eve to have a better year ahead. For many years I would do the same and make a resolution to change my life in some dramatic way. I would get fit, lose weight, be healthier, change my diet, have more time to myself etc, etc.  However, by the time February arrived I had either forgotten the resolution or decided I had plenty of time to put it into practice. After all, it was only February…..or April……or August.

Now, I no longer make New Year’s resolutions. I still look ahead to the New Year with excitement and anticipation but I think of the hear ahead in terms of a word that best describes my attitude towards the coming year. Let me explain………

Last year, my word for 2014 was ‘Abundance”. I decided to welcome more of this into my life throughout the whole of the year. WELL, come February, my elderly mother had a fall and went from hospital to rehab to no longer being able to cope at home and was consequently placed in residential care. A lot of my time (and my sister’s) was spent caring for her needs, selling her house and sorting out her finances. In between I was seeing clients and trying to run a business. It was exhausting!! Where was the abundance in all of this??

Although at times I found it very challenging, there was a lot to be grateful for and indeed, a lot of abundance to be found. Firstly, Mum didn’t break an arm, leg or her pelvis and my sister and I found a wonderful place with caring staff for her to live. I was able to have a fantastic holiday in July and another short break in October. Also my sister and I spent some special time together supporting each other and coming to terms with Mum’s frailty and mortality.

Other areas of abundance have been – spending more quality and precious time with Mum as her health deteriorates, numerous occasions with family to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and time having fun with close friends. Although there have been many difficulties throughout the year, there has been joy to be found in every day.

This year my word is ‘Trust’. I see this as trusting in myself and my gifts and abilities, trusting when I fear the unknown, trusting when I need to step out of my comfort zone, trusting in the Universe, God or whatever you believe in to support you, and trusting in the love of family and friends.

What do you do each New Year? Do you make resolutions that you know will have been forgotten or discarded by February or do you have a ‘word’ that resonates with you and guides you through the coming year. I would love to know…..

Take care and have a wonderful and exciting 2015.

With love,


Reminder that I will be having all of February off to honour and respect my own health.