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Can you Influence your Immune System?

Can you influence your Immune System? The short answer to this is, Definitely! We don’t usually think of our Immune System and how it works unless something goes wrong. We get a cold or flu, frequent chest infections or recurrent asthma or maybe something more serious. It’s only then that we feel we may have […]

A New Year has arrived ……will this one be different?

Happy New Year to you all! A new year has arrived along with the promise of so many possibilities. Will this one be different for you? I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and some restful time with those you love. To me, each new year heralds a little bit of magic. It is […]

Less is More

Less is More ……How to implement this in your Life!

Have you heard the term, Less is More? Let me explain. I have recently returned from a conference on the Gold Coast where we discussed our attitudes around money, our boundaries and how this relates to our self worth and stepping up as women in our chosen industries. Our host, the lovely Denise Duffield Thomas […]